What not to do for succes

Photo credits: Corina Negriuc

I like to make plans and I like even more to see them through.

The human mind is extraordinarily complex and the mechanisms of our thought process make the difference between action and just an idea. Are you determined to do something?

In my view there are two fundamental elements that ensure successful transition from thought to action: a clear mind and favorable circumstances. Moreover, I think we can influence both or at least use them to our advantage (the case of external factors which cannot be altered).

Here are 5 methods to do so.

1. Don’t forget to do something for yourself everyday (take care of the way you look, of your health or just read a book). A strong personality needs to be nourished, otherwise it turns against us.

2. Don’t try to seem less intelligent for the sake of others. There will always be people around you that are less or more prepared than you are. Progress means wanting to be better and actually doing something about it. If other people don’t get it, it is their problem and not your responsibility to solve.

I’ll also mention the case when you may want to play dumb as part of your communication (better word would be manipulation) strategy. Do so at your own peril and be prepared to face the consequences.

3. Don’t take the little mean things personally (either intentional or not). If those around you chose to make use of they time in this way, you are either more important to them than you thought or they are having a bad day (or several bad days) and you can go ahead and feel sorry for them.

Winning the war is more important than winning the small subtext battles. I don’t recommend that you ignore them, it is important to acknowledge the malice in others in order to distinguish friend from ally of circumstance.

4. Don’t accept abusive or manipulative language. It may seem harmless (even just a bad joke), however, as I wrote in a previous post, words have tremendous power. If you feel you have to respond, do so, it is up to you how you do it, depending on context. Very often it is based on their words that we discover someone’s true nature, their intentions and how they position themselves in relation to us. Intimidation through language is very common, when another person tries to seem stronger.

And last but not least…

5. Do not compromise your image or work. Never, ever, no matter how tired or in a hurry you are or…insert favorite excuse here.

To many success stories!