About resilience. What I learned from my orchid

orchidSome time ago I accidentally broke the growing stem of one of my orchids. I felt so sad because I thought that it had been trying so hard to grow and all that energy would now go to waste because an outside factor made its purpose disappear.

I started thinking about how this parallels with our existence. Sometimes you do all the right things : set a goal, make a plan, follow through and suddenly you find that because of something unforeseen you have to stop. Even sadder, right? You can say that this is the risk we are taking when starting something new – there’s always a possibility of failure even when we give 100%+.

What happened to my orchid later on? Well, surprise, surprise, the broken stem started growing again. True, it was a bit smaller in diameter and I thought it did not stand much chance. However in a few weeks it grew tall and strong and flower buds appeared. How amazingly beautiful!

Coming back to the parallel I first made, this was the best lesson possible. Sure, failure happens, we get sidetracked at times, but as long as we commit and know in our heart and mind that the goal we had set is what is right, then we will find a way to accomplish it. It is not failure when you learn and grow stronger!

Even if motivation seems hard to come by, look around you and you will find inspiration in the most unlikely of places (like your flower shelf).

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